March Favourites

I am so so sorry I have not done a favourites let alone a blog post in a long time. I love to create content you all enjoy and you guys seem to really like favourites compared to a lot of other blog posts I do so here it is. I have quite a few things to show as I haven’t done a favourites since before christmas! Who else is hoping spring will hurry up and arrive? Comment and posts you’re like to see and I’ll do them.. unless they’re weird obviously try and keep in wishing travel, beauty, lifestyle and cooking stuff. I really want to do a spring makeup look and as my birthday is coming up I’d also like to post a birthday makeup blog post. Ramble/update over with out further adieu here is my march favourites a lil early to make you guys happy!

Image 25-03-2018 at 10.56

First is this retro thrifted Maser zip jumper. I’m the kinda person who is super unlucky and never finds anything thrifting however one particular thrifting trip was super lucky and I found loads and this was one pieces I picked up. I haven’t had a ton of chances to wear it but I like to wear it with black skinny jeans and hoops.

Image 25-03-2018 at 10.59 (1)

I picked this amazing denim skirt up in Hong Kong from Cotton On which btw is an amazing shop I’m sad I didn’t get more stuff there because they had clothes, stationary and room decor it was really cool.

Image 25-03-2018 at 11.02

This is my current favourite clothing item in my wardrobe (I’m wearing right now bc I’m weird). I love it, I wear it with black skinny jeans and a beige denim jacket to dress it down or my stripy navy and white trousers from H&M. This top was bought on ASOS but it is actually from New Look.

Image 25-03-2018 at 10.59

Since I was like 12 I always had oily skin but this winter my skin has become very dry and not very nice to put makeup over top of but to combat the flakes, gross I know, I have been using this serum from NIP+FAB but I bought it in BOOTS however I have seen it on Amazing. If you have dry skin I highly recommend this. NIP+FAB is my favourite skin care brand.

Image 25-03-2018 at 11.03 (1)

Don’t laugh but a few months ago I had a ‘accident’ with my lash curler and gave an accidental trim to my top and bottom lashes. They were still there but a lil shorter. This was around the time I was in Hong Kong so I bought this from a drugstore but it’s from the brand Majolica Majorga. We always take care of our hair but we never do it with our lashes and this have given mine some much needed tlc. This is probably not the easiest thing to get a hold of but you can buy it online here.

Image 25-03-2018 at 11.04 (1)

Speaking of lashes the miss Baby Roll is probably one of the best mascaras I’ve used it lengthens and thickens the lashes and mine always look great with this mascara and I’m obsessed.

Image 25-03-2018 at 11.02 (1)

Lush, as you may have found out from my Lush haul, is great. In Hong Kong they had a lot of Lush’s so you can bet I went into everyone. Along with my Eau Roma Water, which you know I love, I also bought this. I’ve been using it every morning to exfoliate and plump my lips.

Image 25-03-2018 at 11.04

Once again NIP+FAB has crept into a favourites. I never wore blush but I bought this out of curiosity and it is really quite wonderful. My favourite is the bottom left one.

This is the BarryM fall in love eyeshadow palette which I have been rocking every chance I can get. I really like the orange and yellow colours from the palette. Whilst my camera can quite show the colours fully they are really pigmented.

Image 25-03-2018 at 11.02 (2)

Rosy Rosa brushes are by far the greatest, softest brushes I’ve ever used. I have this powder brush, this blush brush and lastly this eyeshadow brush. I really like them and they pick up a lot of pigment.

Image 25-03-2018 at 10.59 (2)

Lastly is this Lipsy tinted lip balm. Whilst I can appreciate a red lipstick sometime you just want a mild and subtle lip colour and this is it. I actually thought I picked up a burnt orange one as this was behind the burnt orange tester but stupid me isn’t that smart and I didn’t check. However it is very much ok as I’m in love with this red!

Image 25-03-2018 at 11.03

This ring from Pandora was a christmas present from my mum. I had been eyeing up a few different Pandora rings but this one really stood out to me so I asked for it for christmas and I’m so glad I did because I really love it.

Image 25-03-2018 at 10.59 (3)

Last but not least is this perfume from Zoella Beauty. Although its supposed to be a winter scent I’m still obsessed and I will still wear it all year round because I love it.

Sadly our time together has come to and end :(. See you next week for another post!



My Everyday Makeup

Hey guys,

I’m back again and omg are you excited for Christmas or what!?! I love Christmas it is my absolute favourite time of year. I thought what better than a Everyday Makeup blog post to do in the beginning of December. This is my casual weekend look and it’s pretty much the same for school except without the lippy.

So first I wet my beauty blender and put it to the side. With my BarryM flawless reflection concealer I concealed my under eyes. With whatever remains on my beauty blender I dab it on my face. Taking my mineral magic powder and powdering my whole face.

With my Ted Baker blush highlight stick I’m sweeping across my cheeks. With a orange colour I’m blending it into my lids with a paler orange colour in the centre of my lid. Lastly I use my soft matte lip cream mixed with my NYX lip lingerie in honeymoon.

So that my friends is all and everything I have to say x


Beauty Routine.

Hey guys,

Makeup is something I’ve always really enjoyed doing as it’s a super fun creative outlet for me. I think the way that makeup is portrayed in the media is not great. There is a lot of “I can’t go out without makeup” or whatever and it’s terrible. I think that if your going to wear makeup you should always make sure that your confident without it first. Don’t get me wrong it’s totally ok to rock a full face but don’t forget to love you for you <3. Anyway I’m supa happy with my current makeup routine as well as my natural skin so it would be rude to not to share.

So my “routine” starts with the Good Things Pore-fectly clear face wash. This has been my go-to for a few months and has never got me wrong.

After that I like to move to the  glorious Vitamin E aqua boost essence lotion. Holy moly. I have combination skin so I can be super dry and the super oily in different places all over my face. So this is perfect. It sinks in giving you luxurious feeling skin.

This is the very first makeup item I use. Firstly I have no clue what brand is but I bought it on Amazon as well as all the brushes I use. This bad boy is what I use for my eyes and brows. I tend to brush my brows out then use a angled brush to fill them in. I’m a complete amature and have absolutely no technique so ya. Sometimes (if I can be bothered) I line my lash line with the black.

Then comes the time where I brush out my lashes, curl them and then apply the Rimmel extra super lash. This is my all time favourite part of my routine. If your not aware I have dead straight lashes so a simple curl makes all the difference.

This is the Body Shop Way Roma Water. Its a super hydrating toner. I absolutely love it. It’s prodominently made up of lavender and rose water which are both super nourishing to the skin.

Hope you enjoyed.