17 Things 2017 Taught Me

2017 was a hell of a year. Personally It was a very hard year and lots of things happened that still don’t even make sense in my mind. It was also an amazing year and from these 365 days I can say that I’ve learned. For starters I turned 13 which by the way isn’t all that it adds up to. So without further adieu here is 17 things 2017 taught me.

  1. I am not the only one.

As I’ve mentioned 2017 was seriously hard but there are always, always people who have been there. You may not realise it but if you ask trust me when I say someone will have either experienced what your going through, are experiencing it or just really care.

2. Anyone can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it.

Let me give you a painful example – Donald Trump.

3. Sometimes you have to accept that things go to shit.

Sometimes they do and your all probably thinking ‘well Mai is not very positive today’. I know but it’s true. Not everything goes to plan and thats ok, it’s how you react. That is what truly matters.

4. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes.

Being selfish all the time is not ok. It is unfair and unkind however never being selfish is also unfair and unkind. We are all humans and sometimes we take more than we give.

5. Not everyone will like you.

Not everyone will like your personality or how you look, what you wear, who you like etc.

6. It’s never unfair to not trust someone.

To me trust is not telling someone a secret and ‘trusting’ they won’t tell others. It’s trusting that someone is there to hold your hand when you need it the most.

7. You can only help those who want to be helped.

Some people never get better or forgive or grow past disagreement. Some people although you say you forgive them, forget that it still stings when they mentioned certain things.

8. Stop worrying.

If I had a pound for every time someone told me to stop worrying this year I’d be rich. I worrying like mad. For absolutely no reason 90% of the time what I’m worrying about is a waste of time.

9. Nothing is as it seems.

Nothing ever turns out or is as bad as it seems. When your in your little bubble of worry everything seems like the end of the world but it’s not.

10. It’s ok to cry sometimes.

Sometimes were tired, sometimes we feel defeated and like everything is out of our control. It is never a bad thing to cry, it doesn’t show weakness, it doesn’t shown instability. It shows that you are human and sometimes everything is a bit too much.

11. Friendship is not a one way street.

You can not sit around hoping that the other person is putting in effort and trying when you are not.

12. Everything happens for a reason.

I read something from the bible that says something, something something and then ‘for the good’. I am most definitely not religious or anything like that. However this really resonates with me and I truly believe that whatever your going through right now is for a reason.

13. Travel.

This goes without saying that travel is so important. You can see the world from a whole new perspective and learn about other cultures besides your own. I know that I personally am extremely lucky for the opportunities I have been given when it comes to travel. For one I’m going to hong kong next year which by the way is insane. It doesn’t matter where you going. Even if you drive couple hours from where you live you’ll at least be somewhere different.

14. Be kind.

Kindness is the best way to make someone feel special. For me when I help someone or at least try, I feel good about myself at the end.

15. Speak your own mind when necessary.

Although it is so important to be kind when someone is on your nerves, being unkind, or rude it is ok to tell them how you feel.

16. Sometimes if it’s broke you can’t fix it.

Not everything turns out amazing and we all know that. The same goes for friendships. People grow and change everyday. So from when your a kid it’s not possible to be friends with everyone you are at the time forever.

17. Don’t be defeated.

Like I said before, somethings are too much and you feel defeated but what is important is that you aren’t actually defeated. There will always be a time where you feel this way but don’t let it overcome you and take over you.

So that was it. 2017 was insane and TBH I think that a lot have people have felt this way about this year. Don’t worry though, there’s always next year!