How I Take Photos

I have recently been asked quite a few questions like how do I take photos, what camera do I use etc. Now of course everyone has a different style of photography and similarly to art you piece will never be exactly the same as someone else’s however here are just a few tips Tod get you started.

There are tones and tones of ‘decent’ cameras out there. Some good for beginners, some good for professionals. My camera is the Nikon D3400. For me its perfect. I would highly recommend it, especially if your new to photography. Its super easy to understand.

Photography has two parts – taking the photos + editing. Personally I think that there is some super over priced rubbish out there. When it comes to editing on free software I use Polarr which you can download free from the App Store. It’s also fun to take photos using  cool reflective surfaces. One of my favourite techniques is using a piece of glass with water sprayed on it. It gives either the effect of rain on a window or cool colour depending on the lighting. I have not yet tried this but I have been recommended to use a prism.


I have recently started editing my photos with grain because I really love the effect it gives.

I really hope you learnt at least one thing. Enjoy!

For the Good

Hiya Guys.

I think that the future can understandably be one of if not the most terrifying thin ever for most people. It’s one of those things that you can guess but never be 100% sure about. I’m definitely a “live in the moment” type of gal but certain thing can defo get me scared for the future. I know ten years is a long long time seeing as of only lived for just over a decade so when you put that into perspective its well over half my life.

A short while ago I attended a funeral and one thing that really struck me and made me think was a section of a poem my uncle had read. I drowned out most of the poem thinking but as soon as I heard it, it made me smile just a bit. The very final sentence was “…..and never be afraid to die”. This is something my younger self would’ve completly over looked as I used to have a extreme fear of death and dying. I would wake up and be so incredible scared but now I think back I don’t even know why.

As much as I don’t want to die and I’m still a little bit scared I know when I do the time comes it will be right. I heard a quote that I strongly believe in which is “for the good”. Everything is for the good. At the time it may be devastating and it won’t make sense, but it will.