Lake Como

Hey guys,

its Mai here with yet another blog post about Italy. This time we ventured north with some friends to Lake Como in the region of Lombardy. It was super fun and honestly if I could live anywhere it would deffo be Como. Personally I think its absolutely gorgeous and I’d gladly stay longer if I could. So here is a short summary of what I thought of Como.


On one very memorable day we rented a boat which was pretty amazing. We ented it for about 3 hours and went to several places.


We first stopped of at a quiet corner in the lake where we went last year. We had a quick swim with a stunning backdrop and then ate lunch.

For the rest of the time we pretty much zoomed around sightseeing.


By the way the two people in this pic are obvs me and my friend Rosie (Rosie’s Blog ).




Lastly we stopped at a bridge in Nesso which, I’m not gonna lie, was quite scary.

So there you go a supa dupa short summary of Lake Como!




Beauty Routine.

Hey guys,

Makeup is something I’ve always really enjoyed doing as it’s a super fun creative outlet for me. I think the way that makeup is portrayed in the media is not great. There is a lot of “I can’t go out without makeup” or whatever and it’s terrible. I think that if your going to wear makeup you should always make sure that your confident without it first. Don’t get me wrong it’s totally ok to rock a full face but don’t forget to love you for you <3. Anyway I’m supa happy with my current makeup routine as well as my natural skin so it would be rude to not to share.

So my “routine” starts with the Good Things Pore-fectly clear face wash. This has been my go-to for a few months and has never got me wrong.

After that I like to move to the  glorious Vitamin E aqua boost essence lotion. Holy moly. I have combination skin so I can be super dry and the super oily in different places all over my face. So this is perfect. It sinks in giving you luxurious feeling skin.

This is the very first makeup item I use. Firstly I have no clue what brand is but I bought it on Amazon as well as all the brushes I use. This bad boy is what I use for my eyes and brows. I tend to brush my brows out then use a angled brush to fill them in. I’m a complete amature and have absolutely no technique so ya. Sometimes (if I can be bothered) I line my lash line with the black.

Then comes the time where I brush out my lashes, curl them and then apply the Rimmel extra super lash. This is my all time favourite part of my routine. If your not aware I have dead straight lashes so a simple curl makes all the difference.

This is the Body Shop Way Roma Water. Its a super hydrating toner. I absolutely love it. It’s prodominently made up of lavender and rose water which are both super nourishing to the skin.

Hope you enjoyed.


How to: Organise draws

Hiya guys,

Today I wanted to share how I liked to organise draws. Most of you probably know I don’t have draws myself I have hanger and shelf’s in my closet. However I’m currently on holiday and staying in Rome so I have draws. Ive actually always wanted draws rather than a closet because, honestly I have no clue what to hang or fold and a lack of hangers doesn’t help.

So this is the dresser that I’ve been using it and I actually love it. I’m going to show you all of the draws excluding the top left as it just contain prodominently makeup

This is the boring stuff you know the bras, pants, socks and swimsuit draw. Not very neat not very tidy but I refuse to spend an hour folding pants. Even at home my pants and what not float around in a draw so for me at least this is still what I call efficient.

This draw contains tops dresses and my mini backpack. I have larger items in a row and small tops/crop tops in a pile. Both ways are quick and easy. However the row is more pleasing to the eye. By putting larger tops in a row it makes it 10x easier to grab and go.

This draw contains bottoms, PJ’s, workout wear, jackets and shorts. In this case all is folded because there was not enough of each category to put them in rows but this works just fine for me!

This draw is generally something just for when your on holiday but still helpfull. This is the miselanious draw. It contains books, headphones, shoes etc.

I hope you enjoyed guys. Love you. Byexx