.COM or what?


This may sound silly but I’m actually quite excited I have finally done the long awaited switch from .worpress.com to just .com . Yes yes I know I probs the only person excited by this but, I am truly excited not just kinda excited I’m suuuppperrr excited. I realised that we all get new beginnings so why shouldn’t my blog get one! Especially as its the new year, I mean what better time to do it.


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas! Hope your all having a brilliant holiday, if your having one. I had an early Christmas with my mum before I head to Rome once again. I’ve received the greatest gift I have ever been given; a laptop. Now I can blog and edit photos WHENEVER I WANT. From my own computer. I am however taking some time over Christmas but I will be taking photos and noting down what is going on to do a summary when I’m back.