Self Confidence

Hey guys.

Self-confidence is all about being yourself not exterior things like makeup and clothes. Don’t get me wrong on a particular day where you’re wearing a particularly nice outfit you may feel more confident than usual however that is only temporary. People always forget this which is really upsetting especially as lots of people think money can buy confidence and happiness.

Beauty is not the same thing as being attractive which may confuse some. I know to most people beauty is being attractive. Honestly, I think the most beautiful people are kind and loving and excepting. No matter what. It’s not a bad thing to not be perfectly kind, loving and excepting. No one is really, we all have both good and bad days. Just breathe, be yourself and don’t worry about what others think of you. The people who say stuff about you are the ugly ones (not physically ugly) but they’re still worse. It’s ok to be mad just don’t do the same thing because that makes you just as bad.

Anyway, guys in the end just be you!