How to: Organise draws

Hiya guys,

Today I wanted to share how I liked to organise draws. Most of you probably know I don’t have draws myself I have hanger and shelf’s in my closet. However I’m currently on holiday and staying in Rome so I have draws. Ive actually always wanted draws rather than a closet because, honestly I have no clue what to hang or fold and a lack of hangers doesn’t help.

So this is the dresser that I’ve been using it and I actually love it. I’m going to show you all of the draws excluding the top left as it just contain prodominently makeup

This is the boring stuff you know the bras, pants, socks and swimsuit draw. Not very neat not very tidy but I refuse to spend an hour folding pants. Even at home my pants and what not float around in a draw so for me at least this is still what I call efficient.

This draw contains tops dresses and my mini backpack. I have larger items in a row and small tops/crop tops in a pile. Both ways are quick and easy. However the row is more pleasing to the eye. By putting larger tops in a row it makes it 10x easier to grab and go.

This draw contains bottoms, PJ’s, workout wear, jackets and shorts. In this case all is folded because there was not enough of each category to put them in rows but this works just fine for me!

This draw is generally something just for when your on holiday but still helpfull. This is the miselanious draw. It contains books, headphones, shoes etc.

I hope you enjoyed guys. Love you. Byexx

Day 2: Brachiano

Hiya guys,

Today was great. We travelled a small distance to the town of Anguilara on the edge of lake Bracchiano. It was so incredibly hot that the sand was painful to stand on it was crazy. So we made a decision to walk 10 minutes there and back to buy a lilo for each of us. This would be perfectly fine in a reasonable hot country…..however Italy is not that.

So we blew up the Lilo’s which was a extremely difficult task. I know it’s a bit stupid how tired we all were after the task but that’s besides the point.

We got in to the lake and it was sooooo nice to not be so hot it was great. Me and my brother did start to freak out as we thought we were floating above this gigantic rock with I have no idea what on it. We ligit pissed ourselves. We were hysterical. We soon realised it was just sand with equivilent of seaweed growing in the lake. At some point we had a walk and the town was beautiful.

After a couple hours we did leave sadly. We did grab the most amazing frozen yogurt it was delicious. So we got into the bus and I’m not joking I continued to fall in and out of sleep for about 10 minutes. We caught the train after arriving at the station and went home.


Day 1: Piazzas and Runs

Hiya guys,

I’m sooooo excited to share with you my first travel blog post of the year! Travel blogging is my favourite category….. So here it is.

Today was very relaxing which is quite nice while we get used to the intense 40° c heat. My dad left early to sort out (passport) stuff whilst my brother and I stayed at home.

At about 12:30 my dad’s friend as well as her 3 kids arrived at a near by piazza (2 mins away). She bought us gelato which was insanely good may I add especially when consumed in hot weather.

We waited for my dad and when he arrived we went back to the apartment where all good things come from aka air conditioning. We relaxed and had my holy grail: instant Korean noodles!!

Just before they left they joined us for coffee , which is 10x better in Italy of course, I had a café latte.

Then we pretty much did nothing besides having a run and eating.

So this concludes today hope you enjoyed!


The Veg Life

Hiya guys.

I have been a vegetarian since July 7th 2016. So from when I’m writing this exactly a year. That to me blows my fricking mind and I don’t even know how I did it. I was an avid meat lover and when it came my way there was no way of getting it back.

I never watched those videos where it showed exactly what happens until then and when I did I embarrassingly cried a little (BTW I cry at everything). However it was a realisation that if that’s how I reacted to a video I didn’t want to be the one to be doing it so I became VEGGIE! I don’t regret it at all and for me it’s quite fun as I get to find to many new things I would’ve never tried prior to being a vegetarian.

I’m not one of those people who will sit her and tell you how disgusting or weird you are for eating meat but I will say one thing. If you’re thinking about it just go for it. It’s going to be a matter of trial and error but that’s ok. Yes I did mess up that’s fine. Don’t ever beat yourself up for messing up. Also try not to get pissed off at the people who ask stupid questions like “would you eat meat if you were on a dessert island and that’s all you had”. They’re just curious and honestly they’re impressed. I did the exact same thing when I found out my friend was a veggie and I thought it was crazy when really I was sooooooo impressed with her.