Everyday Makeup|March 2018

Recently I’ve been getting a lot more interested in the makeup world. Even though I am very much an advocate for self love I genuinely enjoy the process of putting makeup on. Since my last everyday makeup post my look has changed a lil bit particularly since I have been a lot more into K-beauty recently.

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So with out further adieu her is how I create this look!

I start by exfoliating my lips with Lush’s Mint Julips and moisturising them with my all time favourite lip balm Carmex. I moisturise with the Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum followed by sunscreen (even on cloudy days!) and the Benefit Porefessional. I have two powders that I like to use depending on my skin that day so I go between Rimmel Match Perfection and the Ettusais BB mineral powder today however I went with the first option. A smooth as silk translucent mattifying powder. I then like to brush my brow into place and fill them in with the Benifit Goof Proof Brow Pencil in the colour 3. Another product which, for me, achieves a similar look is the Sweet-Sweets Lasting Brow Marker which by the way is amazing. Continuing on with my face is my #1 favourite product at the moment, the Nip + Fab Blusher Pallette in whisper. For my highlight I actually use a eyeshadow. After testing a bunch of different highlighters my fave is this which is the Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow in Champagne. Ok, Last two (favourite) steps.  With my Rimmel Eyeliner Pencil I line my upper waterline and lash line finishing it of with a baby baby wing. With a white eyeliner I line my lower lash line from the corner of my eye to the centre focusing mainly on the corner. LIP TIME! I start of by applying my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream into the centre of my lips and blending in out to the rest of my lips. I follow that up with my NYX Lip Lingerie in Honeymoon right onto the centre of my lips and blend it out. I then powder the edges of my lips to to soften it up and bam. I am done. Super easy, super quick. Also for a final touch I like to spray on my Lush Eau Roma Water to set it.

Like I said loving your self before deciding to use makeup is so important! Those of you trying to clear your skin try wearing sunscreen everyday. Whilst it may not clear all pimples it will help to prevent premature skin ageing, sun spots and unnecessary pigmentation. Although it is better to go for 30 SPF and above if you really really want to tan go for something lower, anything is better than no sunscreen.

Oh and by the way! My top and pinafore are from H&M and my earrings are from Topshop.

That is all! BYEXX


Plan With Me : 1


It’s finally January which means time to get my bullet journal on! Also let’s just address the elephant in the room, it 2018. TBH I’m surprised I made it :). It was a rough year which I talked all about in my last two posts. From what I’ve heard people thought at its best it was amazing and at its worst, awful. Although people say every year is sooo different I’m pretty sure this is how everyone thought of 2016 so I’m not sure. My bullet journals though, they’ve had a huge glow up. I was sorting things out today and I found one from January last year and it was…..questionable. Let’s just say it was not my best work. Anyway Here is my bullet journal flip through for January 2018.

Bullet Journal

New year, new journal so with the index and key out the way I started with a yearly overview. I messed this up about 20 time so all I can say is start with pencil. There are so many ways that you can personalise this so go nuts, have fun.


I kept the design simple  with minimal colours because I generally choose different colour themes every month so for the main pages I keep them black white and grey. I left the goals empty to gradually fill them in as they pop into my head. For the memories page I usually stick down photos and train tickets from foreign countries. Things like that.

Bullet Journal

So the ‘theme’ was I guess space. I wanted to keep it, again minimal, because depending on the month I choose the colours so summer will be super bright and vibrant. This is also probably on of my favourite monthly beginner pages.


Another super important page is my important dates page. I write down basically all the important dates of that month. BTW this is super helpful if you do weekly pages!


This is the last page I’m showing you which is similar to the last but and easier layout, this one is more just to remember. The previous page if more for knowing what to write in the weekly pages.

I haven’t shown any of the weekly pages here because I do them as I go along. I really hope you enjoyed and are inspired to re-create some of my ideas. Let me know if you do!

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Day 2: Brachiano

Hiya guys,

Today was great. We travelled a small distance to the town of Anguilara on the edge of lake Bracchiano. It was so incredibly hot that the sand was painful to stand on it was crazy. So we made a decision to walk 10 minutes there and back to buy a lilo for each of us. This would be perfectly fine in a reasonable hot country…..however Italy is not that.

So we blew up the Lilo’s which was a extremely difficult task. I know it’s a bit stupid how tired we all were after the task but that’s besides the point.

We got in to the lake and it was sooooo nice to not be so hot it was great. Me and my brother did start to freak out as we thought we were floating above this gigantic rock with I have no idea what on it. We ligit pissed ourselves. We were hysterical. We soon realised it was just sand with equivilent of seaweed growing in the lake. At some point we had a walk and the town was beautiful.

After a couple hours we did leave sadly. We did grab the most amazing frozen yogurt it was delicious. So we got into the bus and I’m not joking I continued to fall in and out of sleep for about 10 minutes. We caught the train after arriving at the station and went home.