My Everyday Makeup

Hey guys,

I’m back again and omg are you excited for Christmas or what!?! I love Christmas it is my absolute favourite time of year. I thought what better than a Everyday Makeup blog post to do in the beginning of December. This is my casual weekend look and it’s pretty much the same for school except without the lippy.

So first I wet my beauty blender and put it to the side. With my BarryM flawless reflection concealer I concealed my under eyes. With whatever remains on my beauty blender I dab it on my face. Taking my mineral magic powder and powdering my whole face.

With my Ted Baker blush highlight stick I’m sweeping across my cheeks. With a orange colour I’m blending it into my lids with a paler orange colour in the centre of my lid. Lastly I use my soft matte lip cream mixed with my NYX lip lingerie in honeymoon.

So that my friends is all and everything I have to say x


Self Confidence

Hey guys.

Self-confidence is all about being yourself not exterior things like makeup and clothes. Don’t get me wrong on a particular day where you’re wearing a particularly nice outfit you may feel more confident than usual however that is only temporary. People always forget this which is really upsetting especially as lots of people think money can buy confidence and happiness.

Beauty is not the same thing as being attractive which may confuse some. I know to most people beauty is being attractive. Honestly, I think the most beautiful people are kind and loving and excepting. No matter what. It’s not a bad thing to not be perfectly kind, loving and excepting. No one is really, we all have both good and bad days. Just breathe, be yourself and don’t worry about what others think of you. The people who say stuff about you are the ugly ones (not physically ugly) but they’re still worse. It’s ok to be mad just don’t do the same thing because that makes you just as bad.

Anyway, guys in the end just be you!


Beauty Routine.

Hey guys,

Makeup is something I’ve always really enjoyed doing as it’s a super fun creative outlet for me. I think the way that makeup is portrayed in the media is not great. There is a lot of “I can’t go out without makeup” or whatever and it’s terrible. I think that if your going to wear makeup you should always make sure that your confident without it first. Don’t get me wrong it’s totally ok to rock a full face but don’t forget to love you for you <3. Anyway I’m supa happy with my current makeup routine as well as my natural skin so it would be rude to not to share.

So my “routine” starts with the Good Things Pore-fectly clear face wash. This has been my go-to for a few months and has never got me wrong.

After that I like to move to the  glorious Vitamin E aqua boost essence lotion. Holy moly. I have combination skin so I can be super dry and the super oily in different places all over my face. So this is perfect. It sinks in giving you luxurious feeling skin.

This is the very first makeup item I use. Firstly I have no clue what brand is but I bought it on Amazon as well as all the brushes I use. This bad boy is what I use for my eyes and brows. I tend to brush my brows out then use a angled brush to fill them in. I’m a complete amature and have absolutely no technique so ya. Sometimes (if I can be bothered) I line my lash line with the black.

Then comes the time where I brush out my lashes, curl them and then apply the Rimmel extra super lash. This is my all time favourite part of my routine. If your not aware I have dead straight lashes so a simple curl makes all the difference.

This is the Body Shop Way Roma Water. Its a super hydrating toner. I absolutely love it. It’s prodominently made up of lavender and rose water which are both super nourishing to the skin.

Hope you enjoyed.


Mini Lush Haul

Hiya guys,

If your not from my previous blog you may not be aware of my bath obsession! I will not stop and I will do anything in my power to have at least one bath a week. There’s nothing better than getting in a warm bath after a bad day mmmmm. I always thought that lush was extremely expensive because that was what I was told. However a few months ago I actually went lush Oxford street and found that the bath bombs were cheap but the skincare tended to be quite expensive.

Disclaimer: The products show in this video may not be right for your skin. Always try products on the back of your hand or wrist before using them on your face. If you experience any pain whilst using products remove them imidiatly.

The Plumps 

The plumps is a delicious smelling hair conditioner….? Yes I did say hair conditioner and yes it is solid. The idea is rather that instant softness it becomes soft only after drying. This particular one is meant to give you volume and lift.

Cosmic warrior

Cosmic warrior is a luscious thick creamy cleanser that is kind of like the texture of super thick oatmeal. I know that doesn’t sound very apealing but I promise it is insane and makes my skin feel heavenly as well as zapping zits.

Prince of Darkness

The prince of darkness kills all…..spots. It has activated charcoal which is really good at pulling all the oil and dirt out of your skin. Its is also a very good exfoliator. It makes my skin supa dupa soft!!!

Grease Lightning

This is my holy grail. I used a little bit on a spot I had above my eyebrow and BAM with in an hour, most if not all the swelling and redness VANISHED. It sounda like it would tingle or hurt but honestly I felt no pain and I have pretty sensitive skin.

Eau Roma water

I’ve been usings this wondrous potion every morning as a good wake-up before anything else. I tend not to moisturise my face in the morning at the moment because it is summer and we all I’ll be greasey so this is a great grease proof alternative.


This bath bomb is so beautiful I know it’s not very easy to see, but the core of the bath bomb is like a complete rainbow. Sadly your bath does go brown but it still smells heavenly.

Yellow submarine

OMG I have never seen such a cool bath bomb. It makes the water look absolutely beautiful and it is hands down my favourite bath bomb of all time. Sadly it won’t be around forever hopefully they will bring it out next year but ya never knowwwwww.

Hope you enjoyed keep yourself safe in the sun!