How I Take Photos

I have recently been asked quite a few questions like how do I take photos, what camera do I use etc. Now of course everyone has a different style of photography and similarly to art you piece will never be exactly the same as someone else’s however here are just a few tips Tod get you started.

There are tones and tones of ‘decent’ cameras out there. Some good for beginners, some good for professionals. My camera is the Nikon D3400. For me its perfect. I would highly recommend it, especially if your new to photography. Its super easy to understand.

Photography has two parts – taking the photos + editing. Personally I think that there is some super over priced rubbish out there. When it comes to editing on free software I use Polarr which you can download free from the App Store. It’s also fun to take photos using  cool reflective surfaces. One of my favourite techniques is using a piece of glass with water sprayed on it. It gives either the effect of rain on a window or cool colour depending on the lighting. I have not yet tried this but I have been recommended to use a prism.


I have recently started editing my photos with grain because I really love the effect it gives.

I really hope you learnt at least one thing. Enjoy!

.COM or what?


This may sound silly but I’m actually quite excited I have finally done the long awaited switch from to just .com . Yes yes I know I probs the only person excited by this but, I am truly excited not just kinda excited I’m suuuppperrr excited. I realised that we all get new beginnings so why shouldn’t my blog get one! Especially as its the new year, I mean what better time to do it.


Plan With Me : 1


It’s finally January which means time to get my bullet journal on! Also let’s just address the elephant in the room, it 2018. TBH I’m surprised I made it :). It was a rough year which I talked all about in my last two posts. From what I’ve heard people thought at its best it was amazing and at its worst, awful. Although people say every year is sooo different I’m pretty sure this is how everyone thought of 2016 so I’m not sure. My bullet journals though, they’ve had a huge glow up. I was sorting things out today and I found one from January last year and it was…..questionable. Let’s just say it was not my best work. Anyway Here is my bullet journal flip through for January 2018.

Bullet Journal

New year, new journal so with the index and key out the way I started with a yearly overview. I messed this up about 20 time so all I can say is start with pencil. There are so many ways that you can personalise this so go nuts, have fun.


I kept the design simple  with minimal colours because I generally choose different colour themes every month so for the main pages I keep them black white and grey. I left the goals empty to gradually fill them in as they pop into my head. For the memories page I usually stick down photos and train tickets from foreign countries. Things like that.

Bullet Journal

So the ‘theme’ was I guess space. I wanted to keep it, again minimal, because depending on the month I choose the colours so summer will be super bright and vibrant. This is also probably on of my favourite monthly beginner pages.


Another super important page is my important dates page. I write down basically all the important dates of that month. BTW this is super helpful if you do weekly pages!


This is the last page I’m showing you which is similar to the last but and easier layout, this one is more just to remember. The previous page if more for knowing what to write in the weekly pages.

I haven’t shown any of the weekly pages here because I do them as I go along. I really hope you enjoyed and are inspired to re-create some of my ideas. Let me know if you do!

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