Bullet Journal: October

hey guys,

whilst scouring the internet for blog ideas I realised the best idea was right in front of me. I love bullet journaling almost as much as I love blogging and I love blogging because it’s my time to have me time. Personally, I think me time is just as important as spending time with people which I know is sounds suuuuper anti-social however if you don’t have any ‘me time’ it all becomes too much!

By the way, I just wanted to say that I can in no way say that these ideas are totally mine cause if I’m being totally honest they’re not. I take a lot  of inspo from the Youtuber amandarachlee.

So without further adieu here is how I bullet journal! So if you didn’t see the pic at the top was the begging of the month page. This is where I usually do a few doodles as well as writing the month and if it’s a double page spread I write a quote on the other page.

DSC_1730 (1)

The following page is usually some form of calendar and in this case, I wanted it to look a little bit rustic so I didn’t use a ruler and I gave all the boxes coloured drop shadow. No matter what I always have a to-do list for my blog. I also drew a few autumnal coloured leaves to decorate.

DSC_1732 (1)

I also really enjoy using fun mood tracker ones particular to the theme of that month, so this month it’s falling autumn leaves. Pink is happy and brown is completely unhappy and everything in between is well….. everything in between!



Lastly, I always have a daily page where I have a list of tasks and events along with a little drawing of what the weather is like. This tends to be super helpful and is very aesthetically pleasing.

I just wanted to show you a few of the pens that I loveeeeee.

DSC_1729 (1)


This is the pilot frixion clicker 07. I love it because it’s super smooth and it even rubs out which for someone as messy as me it’s necessary. The pens felt tip brush pens I use are the stationary island brush pens.

hope you enjoyed!



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Hiya, it's me Mai. I'm a travel, food but mainly beauty and lifestyle blogger. x

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