Day 2: Brachiano

Hiya guys,

Today was great. We travelled a small distance to the town of Anguilara on the edge of lake Bracchiano. It was so incredibly hot that the sand was painful to stand on it was crazy. So we made a decision to walk 10 minutes there and back to buy a lilo for each of us. This would be perfectly fine in a reasonable hot country…..however Italy is not that.

So we blew up the Lilo’s which was a extremely difficult task. I know it’s a bit stupid how tired we all were after the task but that’s besides the point.

We got in to the lake and it was sooooo nice to not be so hot it was great. Me and my brother did start to freak out as we thought we were floating above this gigantic rock with I have no idea what on it. We ligit pissed ourselves. We were hysterical. We soon realised it was just sand with equivilent of seaweed growing in the lake. At some point we had a walk and the town was beautiful.

After a couple hours we did leave sadly. We did grab the most amazing frozen yogurt it was delicious. So we got into the bus and I’m not joking I continued to fall in and out of sleep for about 10 minutes. We caught the train after arriving at the station and went home.


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