Day 1: Piazzas and Runs

Hiya guys,

I’m sooooo excited to share with you my first travel blog post of the year! Travel blogging is my favourite category….. So here it is.

Today was very relaxing which is quite nice while we get used to the intense 40° c heat. My dad left early to sort out (passport) stuff whilst my brother and I stayed at home.

At about 12:30 my dad’s friend as well as her 3 kids arrived at a near by piazza (2 mins away). She bought us gelato which was insanely good may I add especially when consumed in hot weather.

We waited for my dad and when he arrived we went back to the apartment where all good things come from aka air conditioning. We relaxed and had my holy grail: instant Korean noodles!!

Just before they left they joined us for coffee , which is 10x better in Italy of course, I had a café latte.

Then we pretty much did nothing besides having a run and eating.

So this concludes today hope you enjoyed!


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Hiya, it's me Mai. I'm a travel, food but mainly beauty and lifestyle blogger. x

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