Mini Lush Haul

Hiya guys,

If your not from my previous blog you may not be aware of my bath obsession! I will not stop and I will do anything in my power to have at least one bath a week. There’s nothing better than getting in a warm bath after a bad day mmmmm. I always thought that lush was extremely expensive because that was what I was told. However a few months ago I actually went lush Oxford street and found that the bath bombs were cheap but the skincare tended to be quite expensive.

Disclaimer: The products show in this video may not be right for your skin. Always try products on the back of your hand or wrist before using them on your face. If you experience any pain whilst using products remove them imidiatly.

The Plumps 

The plumps is a delicious smelling hair conditioner….? Yes I did say hair conditioner and yes it is solid. The idea is rather that instant softness it becomes soft only after drying. This particular one is meant to give you volume and lift.

Cosmic warrior

Cosmic warrior is a luscious thick creamy cleanser that is kind of like the texture of super thick oatmeal. I know that doesn’t sound very apealing but I promise it is insane and makes my skin feel heavenly as well as zapping zits.

Prince of Darkness

The prince of darkness kills all…..spots. It has activated charcoal which is really good at pulling all the oil and dirt out of your skin. Its is also a very good exfoliator. It makes my skin supa dupa soft!!!

Grease Lightning

This is my holy grail. I used a little bit on a spot I had above my eyebrow and BAM with in an hour, most if not all the swelling and redness VANISHED. It sounda like it would tingle or hurt but honestly I felt no pain and I have pretty sensitive skin.

Eau Roma water

I’ve been usings this wondrous potion every morning as a good wake-up before anything else. I tend not to moisturise my face in the morning at the moment because it is summer and we all I’ll be greasey so this is a great grease proof alternative.


This bath bomb is so beautiful I know it’s not very easy to see, but the core of the bath bomb is like a complete rainbow. Sadly your bath does go brown but it still smells heavenly.

Yellow submarine

OMG I have never seen such a cool bath bomb. It makes the water look absolutely beautiful and it is hands down my favourite bath bomb of all time. Sadly it won’t be around forever hopefully they will bring it out next year but ya never knowwwwww.

Hope you enjoyed keep yourself safe in the sun! 


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