Ice Ice Baby

Coffee is a drink that I have many feelings for for example when I’ve had to much and start to shake and feel slightly ill I despise it. However when I’ve had just the right amount at just the right time just the right way I love it! 

Yes I am very aware that coffee can stain your teeth but sometimes you’ve got to live a little!


  • MILK

First take the coffee (preferably already chilled) and pour it into a tall glass and add milk until it’s at your desired strength. If you’re adding sugar instead of maple syrup now is the time to add it. Now place it to the side.

Prepare your glass by adding all the ice and syrup you desire. Take the coffee you just prepared and pour it over the ice. Then stir.

Taaa Daaa!

What I personally like to do is brew a pot of coffee and use half of it straight away and put the rest in the fridge for the next day.

I hope you enjoyed this and yes I’m fully aware this shouldn’t really fall under the catagory of baking but travel beauty lifestyle and baking sounds way better than travel beauty lifestyle cooking baking and drinks.

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Bye xx

What’s in my bag 2017

Hiya guys,
Today I’m sharing what’s in my bag. I’m a border line horder (not gunna lie) however my bag tends to be pretty clean as far as bags go. I do have some very strange bits however they all have a place and a purpose! 

My bag was between 20 and 30 not 100% sure but its something like that. It was from new look and omg I’m loving it.

Next are these mini little scissors that are super cute and as random as they are, they do have a purpose.

Notebooks are one of those things I never everrrrrr leave the house without. Just for little notes and doodles.

This!?! This is a rock that I did a little doodle on with some paint pens and I never actually took it out my bag. This is the one and only comepletly random AF thing in my bag soooo moving on.

My beloved and disgusting scrunchie! + my rando blue shiny torch. Scrunchies are like the actuall best when needing a quick tie-up.

This is a earing box which is actually sooooooo handy. Sometimes if you just don’t fancy wearing earings anymore and want to take them out just pop them in the box and you’ll never loose them!!!

My magical purse of tricks is like one of my best purchases and I bought it and it came with all kinds of emergency things like…… nail files! As well as fashion tape, cotton buds, a mirror, bobby pins – cause we all know I’m losing them -, makeup wipes etc.

Don’t laugh but I have this weird “dry hands” thing that if my hand are dry I literally cringe constantly and I ligit can’t deal. So hand cream is always in a 1 metre radius. And lip balm because my lips are as dry as anything.

Anyway that concludes my “what’s in my bag for this year.